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  Welcome to The Grateful Dog


IMG_9335Dogs are our friends and family; teachers, healers, comrades and companions. They bring us laughter, love, and enrich our lives in countless ways. We’re inspired by the way animals touch and transform our lives.
At The Grateful Dog we partner with our customers to tailor a program that meets the exercise, training, and individual care needs for the development of each dog’s potential. We are passionate about animals and inspired by learning. Training, handling, and care are based on the latest principals of applied animal behavior (the science of how animals learn).

Open house Fall 2013 186Our mission

To offer outstanding, positive reinforcement training and care; provided by a highly skilled and dedicated staff. At The Grateful Dog we are uniquely qualified to offer you the standards of care and training you expect and your dog deserves. We take joy in our work, so you can enjoy your dog.

Education and recreation,
for you and your dog.

halocaroline“I am a certified training partner with the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior, a recognized leader in the field of clicker training.  I want to know my customers; develop a relationship with them and their dogs. Both personal and professional, our staff has skill and integrity.  We want the best for your dog.”

Caroline Albert, Owner/Trainer.